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Today I wanted to talk about a very important day in many Americans lives: Super Bowl Sunday! American Football has one of the largest fan bases of any sport here in the U.S. and the entire pro-football season all leads up to this one moment. Today is a day when people gather together at the house with the biggest T.V. they can find (and usually bring all of theirs as well to hook up into one huge screen!) and eat chips, dip, salsa, and hot chicken wings with as much beer as can be stuffed into the fridge and coolers. Everyone knows about the Super Bowl and everyone picks a side. Denver is my personal choice but as they are losing rather badly right now (halftime) I decided to write this post!

It is common to walk around residential areas and hear the shouts of enraged or excited fans and if anyone dares turn off the television or change the channel…. Well, it was nice knowing them. Right now, a large southern California cable provider has failed and the channels aren’t working so they’ve stopped answering their customer service phone about five minutes after the drop! Too many very very angry people!

While this sport and this game is taken seriously by some, for others the commercials that companies spend millions on and all year planning are the highlights! The Super Bowl commercials are used all year round after the game because they are well known to be the best of the best in entertainment. Popular sites such as YouTube even hold contests to rank them after the fact.

So whether you are watching for the teams (go Denver!), the food, or the commercials Super Bowl Sunday is basically an American excuse to host a party, get competitive and excited with a bunch of friends, and spend the day having a good time in an all-American, crazy kind of way!

Check out what it looks like when a popular TV host dares you to mess with the TV during the game! (2012 Super Bowl!) Spoiler alert: It’s not pretty!

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