Japan Bucket List

(Any and all suggestions welcome!) ♥=Misson complete!

  • ♥ ♥ ♥Climb Mt. Fuji (I’ve now climbed it 3 times!)
  • ♥ Visit the Studio Ghibli Museum
  • ♥Make my own New Year’s soba noodles
  • Visit Hiroshima
  • ♥ Miyajima Island and the Floating Torii Gate
  • ♥♥Go to a snow sculpture festival
  • ♥Attend a sakura viewing (hanami)
  • Learn Japanese
  • Wear a kimono
  • Go to an onsen
  • Walk through the Wisteria tree tunnel
  • Visit Hiraizumi (?)
  • Go surfing
  • ♥ Eat Takoyaki
  • Attend a sumo match
  • ♥ Formal Tea Ceremony
  • Mt. Minobu & Kuon-ji Temple
  • ♥Yabusame Festival
  • ♥Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture & onsen
  • ♥ Kyoto and Nara
  • Kabuki Show
  • Plum Blossom Festival, Kairakuen Park, Mito City, Ibaraki
  • Cooking class
  • ♥/♥ Disneyland and Disney Sea
  • ♥ Fukuroda Falls, Ibaraki
  • ♥ Mt. Bandai, Fukushima Prefecture
  • ♥Tsukuba Shrine, Ibaraki
  • ♥Themed cafe
  • Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo
  • ♥Pokemon Center, Tokyo
  • ♥Oarai Aquarium, Ibaraki

4 thoughts on “Japan Bucket List

  1. Climbing Mount Fuji is at the top of my list, too! If you love horses, you might be interested in seeing yabusame, which is traditional Japanese mounted archery.

      1. I think the demonstrations are at different times during the year depending on where you go to see it. I’ve only seen it myself at Meiji Shrine’s Culture Day festivities in November but this year I’m looking into other demonstrations in the Tokyo area during April and May.

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