Thank You Everyone!

thank you for blog

Hey all!

It’s been a whole year since I started this blog and started the application process for a job in Japan! Wow, time flies! I just wanted to take a second and thank everyone who’s messaged, commented, emailed, and especially followed my journey through the Interac job process and my journeys in Japan! You all rock and have completely made my day over and over again! I know I’ve been seriously inconsistent since moving here but thank you for sticking with me as a lot of you have! I have a list a mile long of posts that I need to edit and still want to write so it’s definitely going to continue on from here! Here’s to you and I’m excited to share more of my adventures with you! As usual, send me your questions, comments, and concerns. I’d love to put your mind at ease and am always trying to make better and more helpful posts. Let me know how to do that! Take care and dream big!

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